Terms of Use

NMB (Nuclear Material Balance analysis) Code is a nuclear fuel cycle simulator jointly developed by Tokyo Institute of Technology (TokyoTech) and Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), and managed by TEAM NMB. The basic principle of NMB Code is to be freely used by as many people as possible under the management of TEAM NMB, based on TEAM NMB's MVV (Mission Vision Value). Therefore, only those who agree to the Terms of Use as indicated below are permitted to download and use the NMB code. On the other hand, if we find any violation of the Terms of Use, we may suspend the use and distribution of the NMB Code or report it to the police or other relevent authorities.

Requirements to use

  1. Those who can varify applicant’s name, affiliation, and contact information.
  2. Those who can agree with the MVV defined by TEAM NMB
  3. Those who contribute to the progress of society and community through the use of the NMB code
  4. Those who can comply with the following terms and conditions regarding prohibitions, copyrights, privacy policy, etc.

Prohibited matters

The following actions are prohibited under any circumstances

  1. Actions that violate the law
  2. Actions that violate public order and morals
  3. Actions that lead to criminal acts
  4. Actions that violate the principle of peaceful use of nuclear energy, or that encourage or facilitate such actions
  5. Unauthorized distribution to third parties
  6. False registration
  7. Actions that cause harm or damage to the NMB code’s user community
  8. Other actions that the TEAM NMB deems inappropriate


In order that the NMB code may be improved and more widely used, the NMB code may be used, modified, and redistributed, including use for commercial purposes. (CC-BY-SA: The copyright holder must be indicated, and the distribution of modified, or altered products is permitted under the same license as the original work.) In addition, if the NMB code is improved, it is desired to be released through TEAM NMB as much as possible. The copyright of the improved version belongs to the person who improved it.

Use of information obtained from NMB codes

Publication and use, including commercial use, of the calculation results obtained by the NMB code is permitted only if the following conditions are agreed upon.

  1. The following reference should be cited when using data obtained from the NMB code.
  2. Any use of the calculation results obtained by the NMB code is at your own risk.
  3. TEAM NMB does not guarantee the validity of the calculation results obtained by NMB code.
  4. TEAM NMB shall not be liable for any compensation or any other liability, even if the information obtained by the NMB code causes disadvantages to the user.

Privacy policy

TEAM NMB strictly manages the personal information obtained from the application and does not provide it to any third party. TEAM NMB shall not be liable for any compensation or any other liability, in the event, caused by any reason, that personal information in the possession of TEAM NMB is leaked or privacy is violated.

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