# Journal paper

  • Tomohiro Okamura, Ryota Katano, Akito Oizumi, Kenji Nishihara, Masahiko Nakase, Hidekazu Asano and Kenji Takeshita, “NMB4.0: development of integrated nuclear fuel cycle simulator from the front to back-end”, EPJ Nuclear Sci. Technol., 7, 19, (2021). DOI: https://doi.org/10.1051/epjn/2021019

# Technical report

  • Tomohiro OKAMURA, Akito OIZUMI, Kenji NISHIHARA, Masahiko NAKASE, Kenji TAKESHITA, "Selection of nuclides for mass-balance analysis of fission products", JAEA-Data/Code 2020-023, 2021. DOI: https://doi.org/10.11484/jaea-data-code-2020-023
  • Tomohiro OKAMURA, Kenji NISHIHARA, Ryota KATANO, Akito OIZUMI, Masahiko NAKASE, Kenji TAKESHITA, "User Manual of NMB 4.0", JAEA-Data/Code 2021-016, 2022.

# Others

  • Tomohiro Okamura, Akito Oizumi, Kenji Nishihara, Masahiko Nakase, Kenji Takeshita, “Development of mass balance analysis code for various waste management scenario”, Bulletin of the Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Vol. 5, pp. 31, (2021).

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