Mission Vision Value

TEAM NMB has established Mission, Vision, and Value, which we want to achieve through the development of the NMB Code and other activities. We are working in accordance with them. In addition, we have set short-term goals.

# Mission

Design and realize strategies for the development and implementation of nuclear fuel cycle for sustainable nuclear energy utilization, comprehensive of economy, environment, safety, and nuclear proliferation.

# Vision

Fuel Cycle Integrator: We will realize modeling and quantification of all processes of the nuclear fuel cycle, and achieve to create a standard code for nuclear fuel cycle simulation. In addition, we will realize the evaluation research across the energy field including other power sources.

# Values

Macroscopic view

# Short-term goal

By expanding the user community of NMB code, We will ・Play a central role in the nuclear fuel cycle by involving various stakeholders. ・Model the process of other power sources such as renewable energy and thermal power generation, and realize evaluation study across the energy field. ・Develop human resources with a bird's eye view of the energy field. Ultimately, the goal is to foster a common vision and present options for the energy mix toward a zero-carbon society by involving the technologies, human resources, and philosophies of the various stakeholders.

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